President Trump?
Donald Trump for President in 2016
Many are now taking a look at the possibility of Donald Trump for President in 2016. Trump has been on many TV and radio shows doing interviews and discussing his run for President against likely Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. Polls show Trump to be a serious candidate gaining the support of many in the Republican party. Polls show him mostly leading the Republican field. Many with double digit leads.

Would you vote for Trump for President
Yes, a good strong choice
Yes, can't be worse than others
No, may be ok but wouldn't support him
No, he is not a good choice
Maybe, I want to hear more first

Trump has a lot of business experience that he can put to use as President to fix the economy and deal with foreign countries like China when it comes to trade deals. Trump knows the problems business face and would be effective to solve the problems that hurt the economy and job creation. Trump has a book called 'Art of the Deal'. He has put together many business deals and has experience dealing with people in an effective way to mutual benefit and getting deals done that create jobs and business profits.   
Already Trump is making waves and is hitting hard on important issues such as illegal immigration, the economy, trade, jobs and taxes. And talks about making America great again. Because America doesn't often win and he will make it so America wins again. Trump makes a point that he is a winner and has the energy to be President of the USA.
There have been other businessmen that have run for President such as Ross Perot but haven't won the nomination of a major party. It is likely that Trump will have the ability to win as the nominee of the Republican Party and would have the money to compete against Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election in 2016. Trump has the ability to be a good leader as President. Will you consider voting for him?
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A strong point for Trump is his business knowledge to use his business and economic background and a strong ability to negotitate to help America on economic issues as well as foriegn policy. Trump will have credibility when talking about the economy because of his experience in running businesses and because he deals with many other leaders in business and governments. Already Trump is making a case for the need to have better trade deals with foreign countries in particular with China.
Poll: What is your position on illegal immigrantion? Since Trump brought the important issue front and center in politics, politicians are taking their positions of either supporting amnesty or stopping the floods of illegals crossing the borders. Where do you stand on the issue?
Poll: Illegal Immigration Poll

What is your position on illegal immigrantion?
Build a wall and deport illegals so they get in line as those that come legally.
Build a wall and stop illegal immigration but let the illegals stay.
Slow down the numbers of illegals but give illegals that are here amnesty.
We need cheap labor and open borders.